types of post construction cleaning services

Rough clean, Final clean & Touch-up clean


Rough clean

​The rough clean is probably the most labor intensive post construction cleaning service that our cleaning business provides. This type of cleaning involves our experienced cleaning team coming out and removing most of the dust, dirt, mud from floors and windows at the construction site building. The rough clean also usually involves the removal of window and appliance stickers. During this phase of the construction cleaning, all the contractors may not be done with all the installations and final touch-ups at the location just yet. This cleaning will help all the other workers at the building by removing excess dust and soil that may be in their way as they try to install and finish the final phases of their jobs.

Final clean

​The final clean phase of our post construction cleaning service is done once all the contractors at the building have completed all of their work. This is usually done right before the grand opening, or before the building or office is supposed to be handed over to the owner or tenant. Most of the time the final clean is less work than the rough clean, as it’s generally focused more on detailed cleaning and making everything shine and look new before showing. In many cases though, the rough and final cleaning is done at the same time.

Touch-up clean

​The final cleaning is usually the last time that our cleaning company accesses the office building or commercial facility. In certain situations something may come up where one of the construction workers may have to go into the clean building to fix something that was improperly installed or constructed. If the workers makes a mess in this situation, our 5 STAR Final Cleaning crew will come in for a final touch-up phase of the construction cleaning service.

CALL US and let us know what type of post-construction cleaning service your business needs and one of our technicians in the DFW area will come out for a free estimate of your office building or commercial site.

 Types if buildings we service 

  •  Open areas
  •  Retail Stores 
  •  Small and Large Offices 
  •  Medical offices
  •  Banks and Credit Unions
  •  Restaurants 
  •   Schools

Not every construction cleaning job is the same.


 No matter what the cleaning specifications are at your building or  business location, we are prepared to take on all the challenges and  scheduling needs involved with your construction cleanup site. 

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